The Little Red Grape’s philosophy of “less is more” approach continues throughout our Artisan Style bakery with a focus on traditional baking techniques using as much locally sourced product as possible including all hand selected ingredients to make a quality range of Pastries, Cakes, Sweets and Breads. Our range continues to grow and includes the usual bakery fare – Sausage Rolls, Pies, Pasties along with breads, Rolls and Sweets; the list also includes specialty cakes.
All products are processed and baked on site, with a focus on high quality and an eye for detail. We only use high quality chunky steak or lamb in our wide range of pies and pastries.
We have also incorporated a range of Sour Doughs, Ciabatta and Turkish loaves and bread to our range.

We have a wholesale side to the Bakery Business that supplies baked goods, not only to local businesses, cafes and Clubs within the region, but also to the wider region that has our fully refrigerated van covering most of the Mid-North / Adelaide and surrounding areas.

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